Highway Cables


Highway Cable

Traffic Control Cable Highway Cable
Traffic Systems Loop Detector Feeder Cable
Traffic Systems Non-armoured Energy Cable
Network Control Cable
British Standard Highway Cables  
  Traffic Signal Cable to BS 6346  
  Loop Feeder Cable to BS6346  
  Loop Detector Cable to BS6500 and BS6195  
International Municipal Signal Association(IMSA Series)  
  IMSA 19-1  
  IMSA 20-1  
  IMSA 19-5/20-5  
  IMSA 50-2  
  IMSA 51-1  
  IMSA 51-3  
  IMSA 51-5  
  IMSA 51-7  
  IMSA 19-2/20-2  
  IMSA 19-6/20-6  
  IMSA 39-2/40-2  
  IMSA 39-6/40-6  
National Motorway Communications System Specifications(TR Series)
  TR2029-Inductive Loop Detector Cable  
  TR2031- Loop Detector Feeder Cable  
  TR2153-Non armoured Energy Cable  
  TR2161-Armoured Energy Cable