Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine is a monthly magazine offering free subscription for US residents. It

cover both on line and newsletter to subscribers, providing the latest news on merger and acquisition,

Standard, Conference, New product Release etc

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine Buyer Guide

Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine is a monthly magazine offering free subscription for US residents. It

cover most of the manufacturers in the cabling industry.

Network Cabling News

NCN, Network Cabling News is a monthly magazine offering free subscription for UK readers. They cover the

latest news on structured cabling system.

Heard on the Street

Heard On The Street is a monthly column, of Cabling news & trends. One can find articles and hotlinks to

network cabling solutions for copper, coax, and fiber. Visitors can find the latest standards, new products, and

technology.Environmental issues, generic cable specs, and a calendar of events.


Techstreet is a technical information superstore providing mission-critical information resources and information

management tools for technical professionals. Through our web site, customers can find and purchase from over

500,000 technical information titles including one of the world's largest collections of industry standards and


CSE Magazine

Consulting-Specifying Engineer is the industry's premier integrated engineering source for nonresidential

building systems. The magazine covers automation and controls, electrical, fire- and life-safety, HVAC,lighting,

plumbing, communications and the full gamut of professional products and services.

Cabling Business Magazine

CBM is a monthly magazine for the cabling industry and it offers free subscription to all professionals ( excluding

postal charge outside US ) is a website providing the latest information on Cable Testing, Management and

Documentation together with Standards. Testing includes measurement definitions, link models and residential

testing information. Management and Documentation covers methods, tips and guidelines on the most efficient

documentation practices. Standard includes the lastest updates for pass/fail tables, working groups, and

standards organizations.

Electornicstalk is published by Pro-Talk Ltd, based in the United Kingdom.providing a website and weekly email

newsletter for electronics design and manufacturing engineers.

Engineeringtalk is published by Pro-Talk Ltd, based in the United Kingdom. providing a series of technical and

professional websites and newsletters and publishing news release from the manufacturers and distributors.

The Cabling Standards UPDATE is a quarterly subscription, providing the latest information regarding the details,

decisions, positions taken and actions agreed upon at Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) meetings.

The TIA Standards set for copper and optical fiber are followed for both commercial and residential buildings.

First SourceONL

First Source( provides A/E/C professionals free access to the industry's most

comprehensive, up-to-date library of formatted commercial building product information, including manufacturers'

addresses, telephone numbers, trade names, and regional distributors. FirstSourceONL expands on the

information available in the well-established First Source directory published annually.