Alarm & Audio & Electronic Cables

Alarm Cables

Fire Alarm Cable

Application: Wiring of fire alarms, fire protective circuits, burglar alarms, smoke alarms, and voice


Conductor Material: Solid bare copper

Insulation Material: PVC

Laying-up: Units

Drain Wire: Solid bare copper

Shield: Overall Al/Polyester foil

Nylon Rip Cord: 150D

Sheath Material: PVC/LSF/PE

Sheath Color: As your request

Shape: Circular in cross-section

Voltage Rating: 300/500 voltage

Temperature Rating:75℃

Part No. No. of Conds. AWG Size Stranding Nominal Insulation Nominal Jacket Nominal O.D. (Approx)
CCL-AC-24/4 4 24 Solid 0.21mm 0.7mm 3.9mm
CCL-AC-24/6 6 24 Solid 0.21mm 0.7mm 4.2mm
CCL-AC-24/8 8 24 Solid 0.21mm 0.84mm 5.0mm
CCL-AC-24/12 12 24 Solid 0.21mm 1.00mm 6.0mm
CCL-AC-22/4 4 22 Solid 0.30mm 0.88mm 5.1mm
CCL-AC-18/2 2 18 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 5.3mm
CCL-AC-18/4 4 18 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 6.09mm
CCL-AC-18/6 6 18 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 6.9mm
CCL-AC-16/2 2 16 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 5.9mm
CCL-AC-16/4 4 16 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 6.7mm
CCL-AC-14/2 2 14 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 6.65mm
CCL-AC-14/4 4 14 Solid 0.38mm 0.76mm 8.68mm


O.D. = Overall Diameter