Company Overview

Caledonian cabling system originated as a cabling solution produced and marketed by Caledonian

Cables International Ltd located at Sussex, England. Founded in 1978, Caledonian Cables originally

entered the market as an OEM manufacturer of cables. Our major customers include Reuters, British

Petroleum, British Railway, British Telecom, Thorn, ABB etc. Through the 1990s,Caledonian was a strictly

cable OEM manufacturer and patch-cord preassembler for the pestiged cable companies in Europe. Shortly

after , we developed other modular apparatus and connectors to support the cabling industries .In

1998,Caledonian emerged as one of the promising OEM cabling solutions manufacturer in europe Several

years later after following Caledonian in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, Addison Technology

became an independent entity. Today Addison Technology has representative offices around major cities

in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Las Vegas to support its worldwide customers. With over

hundreds of different cabling & networking products, Addison offers one of the most complete lines of fiber

and copper cabling solutions. Our superior product performances, backed by an extensive list of value-

added services, provide leading edge within every cable series and for every application. Addison offers

her customers Top Quality; Technical expertise; Reasonable Prices; & Short Delivery Time. These qualities

have contributed to the growing number of satisfied customers and intensive global activities in the cable


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Company Overview

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