Flexible Cables

Flexible Cables

Silicone Rubber Flexible Cables SIAF,SIAF-GL, SIHF SIHF-GL,SIHF-P


Conductor: Tinned Flexible Stranded Copper

Insulation: Silicone Rubber

Optional Oversheath: Glass Fibre and Lacquered Braid or Galvanised Steel Wire Braid.


SIAF : Silicon rubber insulation only.

SIAF-GL : Single Core Silicon rubber insulated with lacquered glass fibre braid

SIHF : Multicore Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed.

SIHF-GL : Multicore Silicon insulated and sheathed with lacquered glass fibre braid.

SIHF-P : Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed with galvanised steel wire braid.


Designed for use in environments where prolonged heat resistance is required . Silicone cables are employed

where insulations are subjected to extreme changes in temperature. They are heat resistant up to 180 Deg C,

intermittently 220 Deg C.

Due to good resistance in all weather conditions these cables can also be employed at temperatures as low as -

60 Deg C. Upon and after combustion a residue of pure silica is produced and the cables continue to function.

However, it is usual to provide a glass braid around the cable to prevent a break down of the silica during and

after a fire. Silicone cables are low smoke and halogen free and are most suitable for power plants. They have

become indispensable in a wide range of industrial sectors, in foundries, steel and hot rolling mills, cooking

equipment, cement, glass and ceramic factories, ship and aircraft construction, and oil burners.


Voltage: 500V

Operating Temperature Range: -60oC to + 180oC

Bending Radius: Single core 15 x overall diameter

Multicore: 20 x overall diameter


To BS6500 and BS6007, VDE 0282.


2 Cores: blue, black

3 Cores: blue, black, green/yellow

4 Cores: blue, black, brown, green/yellow

5 Cores: blue, black, brown, black, green/yellow

6 Cores+: black cores with white numbers + integral green/yellow


SIAF:black, red, blue, brown, white, green yellow

SIHF:white, natural, red, black.

SIAF 180 Deg Single Core Silicon Rubber Insulated Cable
SIAF-GL 180 Deg Single Core Silicon Rubber Insulated Cable with Glass Fibre Braid
SIHF 180 Deg Multicore Silicon Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Cable
SIHF-GL Multicore Silicon Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Cable with Glass Fibre Braid
SIHF-P 180 Deg Multicore Silicon Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Cable with Galvanized Steel Wire Braid