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Extremely robust cable noted for its good abrasion and notc resistance. Due to its resistance to

mineral oils andespecially to coolant emulsions, this cable is well suited in mechanical engineering, tool making,

systemsengineering, and insteel mills and rolling mills in particularly critical areas. Good flexibility makes the

installation quick andeasy.

Temperature range:

flexing -5°C to +80°C,fixed installation -40°C to +80°C

Nominal voltage:

U0/U 300/500 V

A.c. test voltage,

50HZ :3000 V

Minimum bending radius:

approx. 7,5x cable Ø

Description & No. Conductors x cross-sec. mm² Outer Diameter Copper weight kg/km Weight ca. kg/km
CALEFLEX SH 12x0.5 9.9 58.0 125.0
CALEFLEX SH 3x0.75 6.2 22.0 50.0
CALEFLEX SH 5x0.75 7.3 36.0 70.0
CALEFLEX SH 7x0.75 8.7 50.0 100.0
CALEFLEX SH 18x0.75 12.6 130.0 230.0
CALEFLEX SH 25x1 17.6 240.0 390.0
CALEFLEX SH 4x1.5 8.2 58.0 90.0
CALEFLEX SH 7x1.5 10.8 101.0 180.0
CALEFLEX SH 25x1.5 19.5 160.0 540.0