Belden Equivalent Cables

Belden Equivalent Cables

Multipair Individually Screened Cables

Multipair Individually Screened Cables-Belden Equivalent 8765


Belden Equivalent 8765 cables have individually screened pairs laid up. Each individually screened pair has a

22AWG solid tinned copper drain wire. Belden Equivalent 8765 cables are suitable for used as audio, control and

instrumentation cables.


Multipair Individually Screened Cables-Belden Equivalent 8765


Tinned copper wire.



Individual Screen:

Aluminium/Polyester Tape.

Drain Wire:

Solid tinned copper wire.



Insulation Colour:

Red & Black, Green & White, Black & Green, Black & Blue, Black & Yellow, Black & Brown, Black & Orange, Red &

White, Red & Green, Red & Blue, Red & Yellow.

Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics

AWG   22
Conductor Construction   Solid
UL Style   2464
Maximum Conductor Resistance Ω/km 54.8
Voltage Rating V 300
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor pF/m 131
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Screen pF/m 253
Bending Radius   10xOverall Diameter
Operating Temperature -20~80


Ordering Code No. of pairs Insulation Thickness Sheath Thickness Overall Diameter
    mm mm mm
BE118765V 11 0.33 1.02 11.9
BE118765H 11 0.33 1.02 11.9