Windmill Cables
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  Windmill Cables


Al Conductor EPR/XLEVA 0.6/1KV LSOH Power Cable 90℃

Windmill Cables


These durable, high temperature resistant LSOH cables are designed for wind turbines and dedicated for fixed

installation inside the tower.


IEC 60502-1


Conductor: Aluminium conductor, class 2 according to IEC 60228/EN 60228.

Insulation: Special cross-linked halogen free rubber EPR for high temperatures.

Sheath: Special cross-linked synthetic halogen free rubber EM8 (XLEVA). CPE can be offered upon request.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um):0.6/1kV

Operating Temperatures:-40℃~+ 90℃

Minimum Bending Radii:6×OD

Maximum Permissible Tensile Load:15N/mm²

Short-circuit Temperature:250℃

Flame Retardant:IEC 60332-1/ IEC 60332-3

Halogen Free:IEC 60754

Corrosive Gases:IEC 60754

Smoke Density:IEC 61034

Oil Resistant:Yes

Ozone Resistant:Yes

UV Resistant:Yes

Water Resistant:Yes

Dimensions and Weight

Construction Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No. of cores×mm² mm kg/km
1×150 22.5 640
1×185 25.0 770
1×240 27.8 980
1×300 30.5 1210
1×400 35.5 1550