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CCTSST-FR0.3 n×1×1.4

CCTSST-FR0.3 n×1×1.4


The cables are used as railway cables and can be installed directly into the ground or in ducts.


RENFE E.T. 03.365.051.6


Conductors: Soft annealed solid copper, 1.4 mm nominal diameter.

Insulation: PE insulation.

Stranding: Cores are helically stranded in concentric layers.

Core Wrapping: Two or more layers of plastic tape(s) with overlapping.

Screen: Copper tapes with overlap (protection against interference).

Inner Sheath: FRNC-PE sheath, coloured green.

Armour: Two layers of steel tape (0.8mm thick).

Outer Sheath: FRNC-PE sheath, coloured green.

*FRNC: Flame retardant, non corrosive.

Electrical Characteristics at 20℃

Nominal Conductor Diameter mm 1.4
Maximum Conductor Resistance Ω/km 11.7
Minimum Insulation Resistance @500 V DC MΩ.km 35000
Resistance Unbalance % 2
Test Voltage @50Hz 1min
Core to Core Veff 2100
Core to Screen Veff 2500
Reduction Factor @100V/km 50Hz 0.3

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Minimum Bending Radius: 10×OD

Temperature Range: -40℃ to +60℃ (during operation);

                                 -10℃ +60℃ (during installation)

Dimensions And Weight

Cable Code Number of
Nominal Sheath Thickness
Maximum Overall
Inner Outer
1.4mm Conductor, 2.6mm Insulated Wire
RS/CCTSST-FR0.3-2Y(K)HBH-4C1.4 4 1.5 1.6 18.0 705
RS/CCTSST-FR0.3-2Y(K)HBH-19C1.4 19 1.6 1.8 26.1 1362
RS/CCTSST-FR0.3-2Y(K)HBH-27C1.4 27 1.6 1.8 29.2 1648
RS/CCTSST-FR0.3-2Y(K)HBH-48C1.4 48 1.7 1.8 36.7 2348