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G7621 Trackside Communications Cables


The cables are designed for installation in trackside bracket runs and for use in open locations (type1) or in

tunnels or underground locations (type2).


LUL Spec G7621 A2 type 1 (for PVC sheath)

LUL Spec G7621 A2 type 2 (for LSZH sheath)



Solid plain copper, 0.63/0.9 mm nominal diameter.


Cellular polyethylene.

Cabling Element

Two insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair.

Core Wrapping

Non-hygroscopic plastic tape with overlapping.

Outer Sheath

PVC/LSZH sheath, coloured violet.

Core Identification

1 Pair Cable: Blue/White

3 Pair Cable: Blue/White Orange/White Green/White

Electrical Characteristics at 20℃

Nominal Conductor Diameter mm 0.63 0.9
Maximum Conductor Resistance
Average Value Ω/km 57.5 28
Individual Value Ω/km 59 29
Minimum Insulation Resistance @500 V DC MΩ.km 1500 1500
Maximum Average Mutual Capacitance nF/km 59 59
Maximum Average Capacitance Unbalance
Pair to Pair pF/460m 100 100
Pair to Earth pF/460m 1200 1200

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Minimum Bending Radius: 7.5×OD

Temperature Range: -30℃ to +70℃ (during operation);

                                -10℃ +55℃ (during installation)

Dimensions And Weight

Cable Code No. of pairs Nominal Thickness of Sheath
Nominal Overall Diameter
Nominal Weight
0.63mm Conductor, 1.15mm Insulated Wire
RS7621A2/T1-02YY-1P0.63 1 2.5 7.0 60
RS7621A2/T1-02YY-3P0.63 3 2.5 9.0 90
0.9mm Conductor, 1.5mm Insulated Wire
RS7621A2/T1-02YY-1P0.9 1 2.5 8.0 70
RS7621A2/T1-02YY-3P0.9 3 2.5 10.0 120