Ordering Code according to VDE Standard

1 Basic type
A-      Outdoor cable
A      Authorised National
AB   Outdoor cable with lighting protection
AD   Outdoor cable with differential protection
AJ-   Outdoor cable with induction protection
ASLH  Self-supporting Communication cables for high votage overhead lines
FL    Flat cable
G-     Mining cable
GJ    Mining cable with induction protection
H     Harmonized type
M     Plastic-sheathed cable
N     VDE standard
(N)    In adapted to VDE standard
RAGL- Compensating cable for thermocoupling
RD-    Rhenomatic cable
RE     Computer cable
RG-    Coaxial Coble according to MIL specification
RS     Computer Switchboard cable
-S      Signal cable for German Rallway
S-      Switchboard cable
SL     Flexible sheathed cable
T-      Fan-out cable
Z      Twin cable
2 Additional information
-J      Cable with green-yellow ground conductor
-JZ     Cable with green-yellow ground conductor with numbering
-O      Cable without green-yellow ground conductor
-OZ     Cable without green-yellow ground conductor with numbering
3. Insulation & Sheath Material
G       Rubber (N&R) or (SBR)
2G      Silicone Rubber,(SIR)
3G      Ethylene Propylene Rubber,(EPR)
4G      Ethylene Vinylacetate Rubber,(EVA)
5G      Chloroprene Rubber(CR)
6G      Chlorosulphonated PE(CSM),Hypalon
7G      Flouroelastomer
8G      Nitrile Rubber(NBR)
9G      PE-C Rubber(CE)
53G     CM,Chlorinated Polyethyene
H       Haloge-free flame retardant compound
HX      Cross-linked,halogen-free compound
O2Y    Foam-PE,(cellular PE)
X      Polyvinylchloride(X-PVC)
XP     Cross-linked Polyethylene(X-PE)
2X     Cross-linked Polyethylene
7X     Cross-linked Ethylentetrafluorethylene(X-ETFE)
10X    Cross-linked Polyvinylidenfluoride(X-PVDF)
Y      PVC,Polyvinylchloride
Yu     PVC,Polyvinylchloride,flame-retardant
Yv     PVC,Polyvinylchloride,with reinforced sheath
YV    Equipment wires with tinned conductor
Yw    PVC,Polyvinylchloride,heat resistant up to 90 C
2Y     Polyethylene(PE)
2Yv    Polyethylene,reinforced sheath

02Y    Cellular or Foam Polyethylene
02YS   Cellular Polyethylene with outer PE-skin or Foam Skin
2YHO  Air-spaced polyethylene
3Y     Polystyrene(PS),Styroflex
4Y     Polyamide(PA)
5Y     Polytetrafluorethylene(PTFE),Teflon
5YX    Perfluoralkoxy(PFA)
6Y     Perfluoroethylene-Propylene(FEP),Teflon
7Y     Ethylentetrafluorethylene(ETFE)
8Y     Polyimide(Pl)
9Y     Polypropylene(PP)
10Y    PVDF,Polyvinylidene fluoride
11Y    Polyurethene(PUR)
13Y    TPE-EE,TPE on base of Polyester-Ester
31Y    TPE-S,TPE on base of Polystyrol
41Y    TPE-A,TPE on base of Polyamide
51Y    PFA,Perfluor-Alkoxylalkane
71Y    ECTFE,Monochiortrifluorethylene
91Y    TPE-O,TPE on base of Polyester-Ester

4. Make-up Features
B      Armouring
B      Reinforcement
C      Tinned copper braid shield
F      Petroleum jelly filling
(K)    Copper strip screen
LD    Corrugated aluminium sheath
(L)Y   Laminated sheath A1-tape and PVC-jacket
(L)2Y  Laminated sheath A1-tape and PE-jacket
M     Lead sheath
MZ    Special lead sheath
(mS)   Magnetic shield
(St)    Static shield (aluminium/polyester tape)
W     Corrugated steel sheath
(Z)    Corrugated steel wire braid
5. Conductor Type
Re    Round,sigle wire conductor
Rm   Round,multiwire conductor
Staku  Copper clad steel wires
Staku-Li Copper clad steel stranded wires
6. Stranding element
PiC    Pairs shielded with copper braid
PiMF  Pairs shielded with aluminium/polyester tape
St     Star Quad (Phantom)
St I    Star Quad (trunk cable)
St III   Star Quad (local cable)
Tic    Triple Shielded with copper braid
TiMF  Triple shielded with aluminium/polyester tape
7. Type of Stranding
Bd     Twisted in layers
Lg     Twisted in units
8. Special Festures
FR     Flame retardant
..T     Anti-termite
O      Oil-resistant
NC     Non-corrosive