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CALEDONIAN MATRIX 6E 10G Ethernet UTP Cabling Solution

CALEDONIAN MATRIX 6E 10G UTP Cabling System is a end-to-end ethernet solution. It combines current

application and further development, in accordance with 10GBASE-T standard. It is characterized by:

• 10Gb/s transmission rate

• High quality with low cost

• Easy to install and maintain

• 30 years warranty

1 . MATRIX 6E 10G UTP Ethernet

With the falling cost of the ethernet equipment, the adoption of 10G ethernet has become a trend. IEEE founded

10G BASE-T working group in 2002 to evaluate the feasiblity of 10G working on 100 meter cabling systerm.

Caledonian lunched 10G unshielded and shielded copper cable cabling solution in 2005 which is called MATRIX

6E. MATRIX 6E is an enhanced version of our current 6 category. It is in accordance with the latest channel

requirement which is regulated by IEEE 802.3 an working group. It can offer 500MHz 10G channel performance.

With special patented technology, it can increase transmission capacity to achieve 10Gb/second over 55 to 100

meter cable channel length.

In Caledonian, MATRIX 6E is an integrated end to end solution. Every part in the system adopts advanced

design for achieving superior NEXT performance. It offers good margin for good channel performance.


Caledonian MATRIX 6E 10G UTP ethernet Cabling Systerm is an enhanced version of Addison 6 category system,

It could achieve transmission rate of 10G ethernet on a full channel length of 100 meter.

Firstly, this system adopts the basic design principle for category 6 sytem and therefore the technique is mature

and the performance is well proven.

At the early stage of designing the Matrix 6E system, category 7 cables and connectivity hardwares were

designed to realize 10G solutions. However, with the use o category 7 system, a new installation guidelines are

required and there will be a significant training required for implementation of the 10G system. In view of this,

we come to an issue of providing 10G solution with our existing Category 6 system. The answer is positive. The

bandwidth of the enhanced 6 category system could now be expanded to 500MHz. Even better, our enhanced

category 6 cables can provide a bandwidth of 600MHz, meeting the transmission rate of 10G.

Category 6 10G system is proved to be a mature and feasible solution. This system is acknowledged by the

cabling industry and is widely adoped in the installations.

The second points of the 10G system is its high quality as compared to low cost.

It takes quite a long time to develop category 7 systerm and which involves a lot of  manpower and resources to

come to the present stage. Therefore, it is not surprising to come out with high cost. However, enhanced 6

category system is just an upgraded version of category 6. That is to say, they have a similar pricing as normal

category 6 system.  

Last but not the least, enhanced 6 category system is easy to maintain. Addison offers 30 years quality

warranty which can make customers well assured of the product quality.


It is easy to install and maintain Addison MATRIX 6E 10G UTP Ethernet cabling system.

MATRIX 6E is developed based on the existing category 6 system and therefore it follows the same installation

guidelines applied for the category 6 system.Many technical issues have to be addressed for 10G system

because of its high transmission capacity but this can be resolved with our MATRIX 6E system.

In actual application, Addison MATRIX 6E 10G UTP is as flexible as our current Cat5e and Cat6 system, It is an

advanced and open system ensuring the highest return in the system investment and becomes the most

preferred copper solutions in the industry.


Caledonian MATRIX 6E 10G UTP is launched out with full quality guarantee.

Firstly, this system provides 30 Year product warranty.

Backed to 1995s,Caledonian cabling system is launched out with 25 years product warranty.In view

of increasing demand for extension of product assurance period, Addison extends the product warranty to 30

year. Caledonian will apply the same product warranty policy for MATRIX 6E 10G system. Secondly, all the

products have to pass strict quality test system when come out.

To ensure our 30 year product warranty, all the components including cables and cabling accessories should be

component compliant in order to maintain the overall quality of the whole cabling system.

Last but not the least, technical support will be rendered for implementing the 10G solutions.

In view of this changing requirement for the 10G solutions, some customers may not have the latest update of

the related standard. We have a special technical team dedicated to answering the technical questions raised

by our customers about the 10G issues.