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Grenada St. George Airport is the largest international airport in the country. This airport is 11 kilometers away

from the urban area of Grenada and has a terminal building. There are data racks in the airport, which provide

maps, magazines and tourist information. The airport has an annual passenger volume of 1,200,000, 22 check-in

counters, 200 temporary parking lots, and 200 fixed parking lots.


It has been built and used for more than 30 years. The airport runway has peeling asphalt and a large number

of cracks. The runway lighting tubes and air traffic control equipment are seriously aging, which seriously

restricts the development of Grenada's tourism industry. China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) is the

general contractor for the renovation project of this airport, which will comprehensively improve the flight

conditions of the runway, ensure operation safety, improve operation quality, and enhance passenger



Caledonian successfully won the bid for the cable supply part, and will provide the primary and secondary

airport cables, power cables and instrumentation cables for this project.