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 Composite Cables


1x RG59 + 7x1x2x22AWG Data Cable + 3x16 AWG Power Cable TCWB FRPVC Sheathed Composite Cable



CCTV composite cable armoured CCTV composite cable is mainly used in the CCTV application connection. It can

be used to connect the CCTV control system to the CCTV cameras. The steel armour braiding provides added

protection to the cable while the LSZH outer jacket provides flame-retardant capability in the event of a fire



1x RG59 + 7x1x2x22AWG Data Cable + 3x16 AWG Power Cable TCWB FRPVC Sheathed Composite Cable

1x75Ohm RG59 Coaxial Cable( in the center of the cable core)

Conductor:0.58mm Solid copper conductor

Insulation:Polyethylene. Thickness 1.56mm

Shield:Braid of bare copper wire. Coverage ≥ 95%

Sheath:PVC sheath. Nominal outer diameter 6.2mm

Sheath Color:Black


7x1x2x22 AWG Shielded Twisted Pair ( around coaxial cable)

Conductor:7/0.254mm Stranded tinned copper

Insulation:PE material. Thickness 0.6mm

Insulation Color:Black and white

Shield:Aluminium polyester tape

Drain Wire:24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire


3x16AWG Power Cable ( around coaxial cable)

Conductor:19/0.287mm Stranded tinned copper wire

Insulation:XLPE. Thickness 0.7mm


Element Assembly

Filler:PP material if necessary

Wrapping Tape;Polyester tape

Shield:Tinned copper wire braid, coverage 80%

Outer Sheath:UV resisting FRPVC, thickness 1.8mm, norminal outer diameter 25.0mm

Sheath Color:Black

Cable Weight:850kg/km


Electrical and Physical Properties @20°C:

Coaxial Cable

Impedance: 75±3Ohm (@1MHz)

Max. Attenuation: 7.5dB/100m @50MHz

Power Cable

Electrical Resistance: 6.6Ohm/km

Insulation Resistance: ≥5500 MOhmxkm Data Pairs

Electrical Resistance: 90Ohm/km

Insulation Resistance: ≥1000 MOhmxkm


Element Assembly

Min Bending Radius: 420mm

Operating Temperature: -35°C/+80°C


Fire Performance:

Flame Propagation: IEC60332-1

Low Smoke Capacity:IEC61034-1/2

Halogen Free:IEC60754-1/2

Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.