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HDMI Bulk Cable(5 Pairs + 4 Conductors)



HDMI Bulk Cable(5 Pairs + 4 Conductors)

Element 1:5PR×30AWG(Cu/Foam Skin/Individual Al-mylar Screen+ TC Drain Wire)

Conductor:Stranded bare copper wire, 30AWG(7/38AWG)

Insulation:Foam skin. Thickness 0.235mm. Outer diameter 0.76+0.05mm

Core Identification:1PR=Black/White; 2PR=Black/Brown, 3PR=Black/red; 4PR=Black/Orange

Twisting:The cores shall twisted together in pair, the lay between each twist shall not exceed 100 mm

Individual Shield:Aluminum/ mylar laminated tape applied with the metallic side down in electrical contact with a

30AWG tinned copper drain wire (7 strands formation). A 23 micron mylar tape is applied over the screening

tape with a minimum 25% overlap.


Element 2: 4C×30AWG(7/38AWG) Stranded TC/PP

Conductor:Stranded bare copper wire, 30AWG(7/38AWG)

Insulation:PP. Thickness 0.13mm. Outer diameter 0.55+0.05mm

Insulation Color:Blue, Green, Violet, Grey and White


Element Assembly

Overall Screen:Aluminum/ mylar tape

Braid Shield:Braid of tinned copper wire. Coverage ≥ 90%

Outer Sheath:LSFROH elastomeric sheath,Thickness 1.0mm. Outer diameter 6.5+0.5mm, other materail is


Sheath Color:Black or as per the client’s requirement


Physical Properties:

Temperature rating: -25°C to +80°C

Minimum bending radius:  3 x Overall Diameter

Electrical Properties:

Rated voltage: 30V

Max conductor resistance at 20°C: ≤376 Ohm/Km

Min insulation resistance: ≥100M Ohm/m

Spark test: Min. AC 500V/0.15second

Nom. differential impedance: 100+5 Ohm

Fire Performance in General:

Vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable

EN 50265-2-1; IEC 60332-1-2; NF C 32-070 2.1 (C2)

Vertical flame spread of vertically mounted bunched wires or cables

EN 50266-2-4 + EN 50305; IEC 60332-3-24; NF C 32-070 2.2 (C1); VDE 0472 Teil 804

Low Smoke Emission

EN 50268-2; IEC 61034-2; NF C 32-073 ;NF C 20-902; NF F 16 101; VDE 0472 Teil 816

Halogen Free

EN 50267-2-1; IEC 60754-1; NF C 32-074; NF C 20-454; VDE 0472 Teil 815

Low Corrosivity (Acidity & Conductivity)

EN 50267-2-2/3; IEC 60754-2; NF C 32-074; NF C 20-453; VDE 0472 Teil 813

Low Toxicity

EN 50305; NF X 70-100; NF F 63 808; TM1-04; BS6853

Smoke Index

NF F 63 808; BS6853; NF F 16 101

Fire Performance Relating to Rolling Stock Application:

DIN 5510-2

BS 6853

NF F16 101

NF F 63 808
EN 45545-2