Registered Resellers


CALEDONIAN Alliance Partners Program (CAPP)- Registered Reseller

There are no stipulations or requirements to becoming a Registered Reseller with CALEDONIAN. Our goal is to

include you in our database of resellers so we can provide you with access to the latest pricing, product

information, samples and other developments at Addison. If you are cable distributor , contractor or installer,

Caledonian products are worth investigating. With a wide reseller network, we have been experiencing

significant increases in market share and ready to broaden our industry relationships. We have designed

reseller programs necessary to make you successful. Either register with us for basic sales information or

become the Certified Installer for increased incentives. Addison registered reseller can help selling Addison

products with minimal investments on their behalf. Addison has created product and sales content designed to

improve your ability to close the deal. Get in to the cable products business and increase revenues and margins

by adding Caledonian Products to your product profile.


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