Welcome to Caledonian!!!


Caledonian, established in 1978, produces a wide range of copper and fiber optic cables for ommunication,

power and electronics in its primary plants in UK, Italy and Spain. To stay in front, we continually keep expanding

our manufacturing capabilities in more low cost region such as China, Romania, Turkey, Taiwan and Malaysia etc.

This low-cost manufacturing facilities enables us provide execute a flexible, scalable global system that delivers

superior operational performance and optimal results for our customers.


Our extensive global network of manufacturing facilities gives us significant scale and the flexibility to fulfill

our customer requirements. This global presence provides design and consultancy solutions that are combined

with core cable manufacturing and logistics services, and vertically integrated with our E commerce technologies,

to optimize customer operations by lowering costs and reducing time to market.


Caledonian has been respected for its high standards of quality, excellent service level, competitive pricing

and a unique and innovative spirit. With our latest technologies, we are both inspired and well-positioned to

meet the changing needs of our customers. We have the resources to diversify and to enhance our product lines

and services. We understand the need for change and with our accurate planning we are ready for the future

and the promise of new marketing opportunities. Our tradition of growth through excellence is assured.


Our Design Centers work closely with customers to constantly improve its standard range of products and

technologies and to develop customized, country and industry-specific solutions.


Caledonian has established an extensive network of design, manufacturing, and logistics facilities in the

world’s major markets to serve the growing outsourcing needs of both multinational and regional customers.



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