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  indoor tight buffer fiber optic cable  
Indoor Used Tight Buffered Fiber
Optical Cable
outdoor multi loose tube fiber optic cable
Outdoor Used Multi Loose Tube
Fiber Optical Cable

Caledonian Cabing system,originated as a network cabling system solution marketed by

Caledonian Cables LTD located at sussex England Founded in 1978.Caledonian Cables

originally entered the market as an OEM cabling system manufacturer.

Through the 1990s,Caledonian was strictly a cable OEM manufacturer and patch cord

pre-assembler for the prestiged cable companies in Europe.

 In 1997,Caledonian entered the market with complete solutions

branded under Caledonian for the network environment

Caledonian OMS network cabling system consists of horizontal and vertical network cabling system and other

backbone,work area network cabling system.etc.It provide all kinds of twisted pair cables,fiber optic

cables,multipair data cables,patch cords,patch panel,keystone jacks,faceplates,etc.

 Caledonian Fiber Optic Cable, as a most efficient media for information transmission,has the advantage of high

speed, long distance, broadband,high volume, and low optical loss.

The products feature a highly accurate control of refractive index profile, high deposit rate. what is more,

Caledonian fiber optic cable appear extraordinarily good performances on the critical technical parameters that

control mode field diameters,bandwidth,polarization,mode dispersion,and chromatic dispersion etc.
  Caledonian Cabling System