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High Voltage Cable, high flexible and halogen-free


This cable is employed as a highly flexible high-current cathode cable for electroplating drum systems and as a

wearing cable in the chemical industry.


Bare copper, ultra-fine wire conductors acc. to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 6 and IEC 60228 cl. 6;

Extremely thick PUR wearing jacket;

Natural color, smooth, glossy.

Temperature range:

flexing -40°C to +80°C,fixed installation -50°C to +80°C


U0/U 600/1000 V

test voltage:

3500 V

Minimum bending radius:

approx. 15x cable Ø


PUR wearing jacket: extremely abrasion resistant, halogen-free, resistant to UV, oil, hydrolysis and microbial

attack Chemical resistance:

PUR demonstrates significantly better chemical resistance when compared with other materials, e.g. rubber or


The extremely thick PUR jacket means longer service life

Description & No. Conductors x cross-sec. mm² OuterDiameter Copper weight kg/km Weight ca. kg/km
High Voltage Cable 1x35 17.2 336.0 548.0
High Voltage Cable 1x50 19.0 480.0 686.0
High Voltage Cable 1x70 21.5 672.0 950.0
High Voltage Cable 1x95 24.0 912.0 1386.0
High Voltage Cable 1x120 27.0 1152.0 1520.0
High Voltage Cable 1x150 28.0 1440.0 2002.0
High Voltage Cable 1x185 30.5 1776.0 2610.0
High Voltage Cable 1x240 36.0 2304.0 3820.0