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MC Cable

Copper MC Electrical Cable


opper MC Cables is manufactured for indoor, outdoor and conduit use only. It cannot be directly buried in the

earth without the protection of conduit or cable tray. It's manufactured with Copper THHN Wires and insulated

copper THHN ground wire. This type of electrical cable is also manufactured with aluminum strands called

Aluminum MC Cable which has the same approvals but it 's slightly less of a conductor of electricity.


Copper MC Electrical Cable Copper MC Electrical Cable


Soft annealed bare copper, Class B stranding per ASTM B8


THHN/THWN insulation


luminum metal clad w rapping jacket


Voltage rating: 600V

Temperature rating: 90 C


Type AWG Strand Cable weight Lbs/kft kg/km
2 Cores + Ground
MC 12/2 12 1 110 163.8
3 Cores + Ground
MC 12/3 12 1 134 199.5