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AIRPORT 400 Hz, orange


400 Hz cables are used to supply power to aircraft (on-board power), data processing systems,radarstations,

radio stations, etc. For safety reasons, 400 Hz cables are used to connect data processing systems,radar

systems and communications systems to uninterruptible power supplies. Such power supplies prevent atotal

failure of power and compensate for frequency and voltage fluctuations. Suitable for installation

indoors,outdoors, underground, and in water.

Cable Construction

Fine copper wire in acc. with DIN VDE 0295 and IEC 60228; Conductor insulation TPE, black; 4 conductors each 1

mm² twisted to a quad; Conductors and 6 bundles laid-up together; PUR inner jacket; Support braiding; PUR

outer jacket, orange.


Low adhesion, abrasion resistant, halogen-free, resistant to UV, oil, hydrolysis and microbial attack .

Temperature range:-40°C to +90°C

Operatingvoltage:U0/U 0,6/1 kV

test voltage:4000 V

bending radius:flexing 7x cable Ø,fixed installation 4x cable Ø

Description & No. Conductors x cross-sec. mm² Outer Diameter Copper weight kg/km Weight ca. kg/km
AIRPORT 400 Hz 7x25 + 6x4x1 41.0 1910.0 2140.0
AIRPORT 400 Hz 7x35 + 6x4x1 45.5 2625.0 2950.0
AIRPORT 400 Hz 7x50 + 6x4x1 51.0 3590.0 4030.0
AIRPORT 400 Hz 7x35 35.8 2746.0 3050.0