Industrial Cables  

Portugal Standard Industrial Cables


Application and Description

H05V-K cables are determined for installation to the inside of apparatus as well as for the protective laying to the lightings, in dry rooms, in production facilities, switch and distributors boards, in tubes, under and surface mounting of plasters.

Standard and Approval


Cable Construction

Fine bare copper strands
Strands to VDE-0295 Class-5, IEC 60228 Class-5
Special PVC TI1 core insulation
Cores to VDE-0293 colors on chart

Technical Characteristics

Working voltage: 300/500v
Test voltage: 2000 volts
Flexing bending radius: 12.5 x Ø
Static bending radius: 12.5 x Ø
Flexing temperature: -5º C to +70º C
Static temperature: -30º C to +80º C
Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ x km

H05V-K H05V-K

Cable Parameter

AWG No. of Cores x Nominal Cross Sectional Area# x mm² Nominal Thickness of Insulation
Nominal Overall Diameter
Nominal Copper Weight
Nominal Weight
20(16/32) 1 x 0.5 0,6 2.1 4.9 10
18(24/32) 1 x 0.75 0,6 2.4 7.2 13
17(32/32) 1 x 1 0,6 2.6 9.6 15