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Cathodic Protection Power Cable

HALAR/HMWPE Cathodic Protection Power Cable

Application and Description

HALAR/HMWPE Cathodic Protection Power Cables are designed for use in cathodic protection deep well installations or other situations where resistance to chlorine gas is required.

The primary ECTFE (Halar) insulation provides chemical resistance properties. The secondary or outter jacket of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) provides abrasion resistance.

Standard and Approval

ICEA S-61-402/NEMA WC5

Cable Construction

Conductor: Stranded bare copper conductor conforms to ASTM Specification B-3 and B-8.
Insulation: A homogeneous wall of natural ECTFE fluoropolymer (Halar) shall be extruded over the conductor.
Jacket: Insulation is high molecular weight polyethylene conforming to ASTM-D-1248, Type 1, Class C, Category 5, Grades J1 and E5. Tensile Strengths Jl, J3. Available with high density polyethylene (Types II, III, IV) Class B and C (all colors).

Technical Characteristics

Working voltage: 600V
Operating temperature: 75º C

Cable Parameter

Conductor Size
No. of Stranding
Circular Mils
AWG Diameter
HALAR Thickness
HMWPE Thickness
Nominal Outer Diameter
Total weight
8 AWG 7 16.51 0.146 0.02 0.065 0.316 83
6 AWG 7 26.24 0.184 0.02 0.065 0.354 120
4 AWG 7 41.74 0.232 0.02 0.065 0.402 177
2 AWG 7 66.36 0.283 0.02 0.065 0.462 260