Fiber Optic Cables  

Fiber Optic Cables

Breakout PVC Jacketed Cable


Breakout Cable is designed for routing to different locations and direct termination of fi bers in the fi eld. The

cable is mostly suitable for pre-terminated cable assemblies.


The cable contains 2 to 36 fi bers which are individually buffered tight or semi-tight construction. Each fi ber is

individually protected in a mini cable. Aramid yarn will be applied either inside the mini cable or within the inner

jacket of the cable. The color coded mini cable may be stranded around a central strength member which can be

either FRP or fl exible all-dielectric. Outer Jacket may be PVC or LSZH.


Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Cable

 Physical Properties

Fiber Count Nominal Weight(kg/km) Nominal Weight(lb/kft) Nominal Outer Diameter(mm) Nominal Outer Diameter(in) Maximum Pulling Load
Installation(N/Ib) In Service(N/Ib)
2 50.0 33.56 5.5 0.217 1200/270 490/100
6 110.0 73.83 12.5 0.493 2000/450 800/180
12 160.0 107.38 13.0 0.512 3515/790 1200/270
24 230.0 154.36 15.5 0.611 5470/1230 2000/450

Mechanical Properities

Minimum Bending Radius:   Maximum Compressive Load: 3000N for unarmoured
Under installation: 20×OD   5000N for armoured
During operation 10×OD for unarmoured cables Repeated Impact: 2.9 N.m (J) 3×2 impacts
  10×OD for unarmoured cables Twist (Torsion): 180×10 times, 125×OD
Temperature Range:   Cyclic Flexing: 25 cycles for armoured cables.
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃(-40℉) to +70℃(+158℉)   100 cycles for unarmoured cables.
Storage Temperature Range: -50℃(-58℉) to +70℃(+158℉) Crush Resistance: 1750N/cm (1000lb/in)

 Fiber Compliance

Temperature Cycling
Tensile Strength
Repeated Bending
Cable Bend
Cool Bend


Safety Compliance

General Purpose Grade Flammability Test: OFN (UL1581)
Riser Grade Flammability Test: OFNR/FT4 (UL1666)
Plenum Grade Flammability Test: OFNP/FT6 (UL 910)
FRPVC Grade Flammability Test: IEC60332-1
LSZH Grade Halogen Content Test: IEC 60754-1
Acidity Test: IEC 60754; Smoke Emission Test: IEC61034-1/2
LSFROH Grade  Halogen Content Test: IEC 60754-1
Acidity Test: IEC 60754; Smoke Emission Test: IEC61034-1/2
Flammability Test: IEC60332-1 & IEC 60332-3C/A
FR Grade Fire Resistance Test : IEC 60331 / BS 6387 CWZ

Standard Compliance

        GR409-CORE                                    TIA/EIA 568B.3                            ICEA-S - 83-596


Most rugged and "user friendly" cable design for Local Area Networks

For installations where ease of termination and termination costs are important factors

Short and moderate distance links between buildings or within a building, where multiple termination points are


Breakout cables are designed for direct termination with standard connectors

Cable ideal for direct pulling with wire mesh grips

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use -- no need to for splicing at the building entrance

Flame-retardant or LSZH version for indoor installations

Fungus-resistant, water-resistant, and UV-resistant for outdoor use

High quality tight-buffered coating on each fi ber for environmental and mechanical protection