Cable Glands 
Cable Glands

 PG Threaded Weatherproof & Waterproof Cable Glands for Non Armoured Cables


EN 50262: 1999, DIN-46320/46255


Suitable for all types of unarmoured plastic or rubber sheathed cables for indoor as well as outdoor installations.

If is used in applications where it is essential to provide an IP66 seal on the outer sheath of the cable.


Provide seal on outer sheath of the unarmoured cable

Ingress Protection



Brass BS 2874 CZ121 Pb3

Optional Acessories

With round or hexagonal intermediate sockets and long or short anti thread

Thread Option

PG and metric threads also available on request

Seal Option

Neoprene; silicone

Plating Option

Chrome Finish, Brass Finish, Nickel Finish or as specified

Operating Temperature

Standard seals: -20 ℃ to +80 ℃(Neoprene Seals)

Extended seals: -60℃ to +180℃(Silicone Seals)


Lock Nut, Sealing Washer, Earth Tag, Shroud, Lead Sheath Washer, Serrated Washer, Stopping Plug, Reducer,


Ordering Code

(Gland Type / Size & Entry Thread Size), e.g. PG 36 – 9mm

Technical Data

Part No. Entry
Threads Size "C"
Thread Length Hexagon Dimensions (H) Length (L)
PG-7 PG7 6 6 H15X18 19
PG-9 PG9 7-8 7 H19X22 20
PG-11 PG11 9-11 7 H21X 27 21
PG-13.5 PG13.5 9-11 7 H24X28 22
PG-16 PG16 12-14 7 H26X30 24
PG-21 PG21 15-17 8 H31X35 25
PG-29 PG29 19- 23 8 H42X46 26
PG-36 PG36 25- 31 9 H52X58 30
PG-42 PG42 33- 37 10 H60X65 36
PG-48 PG48 39- 43 10 H66X71 37