Airport Cable  


400Hz Airport Cables    


Airprot cables are used as airfield lighting equipment primary cables for the series circuit connecting the

Constant Current Regulators and the isolating transformers, and between the isolating transformers.


UNE 21-161-93 (Spain)


Conductor: Stranded bare copper conductor.

Inner Semi-Conductor: Extruded semi-conducting compound.

Insulation: XLPE.

Outer Semi-Conductor: Extruded semi-conducting compound.

Shield: Two copper tapes.

Outer Sheath: PVC.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um) 6/10kV
Maximum Conductor Temperature 90℃
Short Circuit Temperature 250℃
Operating Temperatures -20℃~+90℃
Minimum Bending Radius static: 10×OD; dynamic: 20×OD
Impacted Resistant Yes
Weather Resistant Yes
Oil Resistant Yes

Dimensions and Weight

Construction Nominal Insulation Thickness Nominal Sheath Thickness Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No. ×mm² mm mm mm kg/km
1×6 3.5 2.8 18.0 410