Airport Cable  

 400Hz Single Core Grounding Cable

400Hz Single Core Grounding Cable    


Airport cables are designed to be used for grounding the aircraft in hangars or on passenger bridges, connecting aircraft and mobile refueling systems and provide an equipotential bonding.


VDE 0295


Conductor: Stranded copper conductor, Class 5 to VDE 0295/IEC 60228.
Insulation: XLEPR.
Outer Sheath: PUR.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um)


Operating Temperatures


Minimum Bending Radius static: 6×OD; dynamic: 9×OD
Halogen Free Yes
No Corrosive & Toxic Gases Yes
Abrasion Resistant Yes
Weather Resistant Yes
Oil Resistant Yes

Dimensions and Weight

Construction Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No. ×mm² mm kg/km
1×16 10.7 216