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Halogen Free Torsion Resistant Fire Alarm Cable 24V

Windmill Cables


These fire alarm cables are designed for the torsion applications in the loop section of wind turbines.


IEC 60502

DIN VDE 0250


Conductor:Stranded copper wires, class 6 according to DIN VDE 0295/IEC 60228.

Insulation: Fluorine polymer.

Screen: Tinsel braid or spiral shield.

Sheath: Flame retardant halogen-free TPU.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage U0/U (Um) 24V
Operating Temperatures -50℃~+90℃
Minimum Bending Radius 7.5×OD
Torsion Application +/-1080°/5m
Flame Retardant IEC 60332-3
Halogen Free IEC 60754
Oil Resistant Yes
Abrasion Resistant Yes

Dimensions and Weight

Construction Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No. of cores×mm² mm kg/km
4×0.75 6.6 82