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Thailand BBK Red Line

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The Red Line commuter train system is a suburban rail project under construction in Bangkok Metropolitan

Region, Thailand. The project is part of Bangkok’s Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan, which aims to develop an

urban rail transit network to serve the Greater Bangkok area, the political and economic centre of Thailand and

home for 10 million people. The Red Line will connect the Bangkok region with north, east, south and west

suburban areas. It is expected to serve 131,000 commuters a day when it starts services in 2019, 262,000

passengers a day by 2029, and 336,000 people a day by 2034. The project is expected to take four years to



The Bangkok rail system currently operates three rail lines, including the Green Line, the Blue Line and the

Airport Rail Link. However, due to the limited number of lines and poor connectivity between them, 75% of public

transportation still depends on buses. The number of automobiles and other vehicles is also increasing, leading

to traffic congestion and air pollution. The Red Line was proposed by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) to

address the traffic problems and encourage a shift from road transport to urban rail. The proposal was approved

in 2007 and the first construction phase started in 2013. The Red Line project includes the North Line and West

Line. The North Line will be a 26.4km line from Bang Sue, located in the centre of Bangkok, to Rangsit in the

north. The 14.6km West Line will stretch between Bang Sue and Taling Chan.