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 PE Insulated ISDN Basic Access Air Core Cables


The cables are used as basic access for ISDN services in central office wiring and cabling for ISDN basic access





Telephone Cables

Telephone Cables


Solid annealed bare copper sized 0.5/0.6mm as per ASTM B-3/IEC 60228 class 1


Solid polyethylene as per ASTM D 1248/IEC 60708

Twisted Pairs

Insulated conductors are twisted into pairs with varying lays to minimize crosstalk

Cable Core Assembly

The pairs are cabled together in layers of 12, 13 & 25 pair unit to form the cable core. Units are identified by

colour coded binders

Core Wrapping

One or more non-hygroscopic polyester tapes are helically or longitudinally laid with an overlap



Ripcord (optional)

Nylon ripcord may be placed parallel to the cores to facilitate sheath removal

Electrical Properties

Nominal Conductor Diameter mm 0.5 0.6
Conductor Gauge Size AWG 24 -
Conductor Size mm2 0.196 0.283
Maximum Conductor Resistance @20°C Ω/km 91 63
Minimum Insulation Resistance @500V DC MΩ.km 16000 16000
Maximum Resistance Unbalance % 2.5 2.5
Average Mutual Capacitance nF/km 52 52
Maximum Capacitance Unbalance @1KHz pair-to-pair pF/km 260 260
Maximum Capacitance Unbalance @1KHz pair-to-ground pF/km 2625 2625
Maximum Average Attenuation @20KHz dB/km 4.9 3.9
Maximum Average Attenuation @40KHz dB/km 6.2 4.8
Maximum Average Attenuation @60KHz dB/km 7.0 5.6
Maximum Average Attenuation @80KHz dB/km 7.7 6.0
Maximum AverageAttenuation @100KHz dB/km 7.9 6.3
Minimum ELFEXT pair-to-pair @20KHz dB 56 56
Minimum ELFEXT pair-to-pair @40KHz dB 52 52
Minimum ELFEXT pair-to-pair @60KHz dB 50 50
Minimum ELFEXT pair-to-pair @80KHz dB 49 49
Minimum ELFEXTpair-to-pair @100KHz dB 48 48
Minimum NEXT pair-to-pair @20KHz dB 61 61
Minimum NEXT pair-to-pair @40KHz dB 57 57
Minimum NEXT pair-to-pair @60KHz dB 55 55
Minimum NEXT pair-to-pair @80KHz dB 54 54
Minimum NEXTpair-to-pair @100KHz dB 51 51
Dielectric Strength Conductor to Conductor 3secs V DC 3600 3600
Nominal Insulation Thickness mm 0.2 0.25
Nominal Insulated Conductor Diameter mm 0.9 1.1

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Temperature range during operation (fixed state): -30°C – +70°C

Temperature range during installation (mobile state): -20°C – +50°C

Minimum bending radius: 15 x Overall Diameter

Colour Code

Standard colour code is per BT CW 110J given in Colour Code Chart.

Dimensions And Weight

Cable Code Number of Pairs Nominal Sheath Thickness
Nominal Overall Diameter
Nominal Weight kg/km
0.5mm Conductor, 0.9mm Insulated Wire
TP58-2Y(St)Y2P05-ISDN-B 2 0.8 4.5 23.0
TP58-2Y(St)Y4P05-ISDN-B 4 0.8 5.0 33.5
0.6mm Conductor, 1.1mm Insulated Wire
TP58-2Y(St)Y2P06-ISDN-B 2 1.0 5.5 30.0
TP58-2Y(St)Y4P06-ISDN-B 4 1.0 6.0 45.0