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Technical Specification ENA TS 09-6 ISSUE 9


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ENATS 09-6 Issue 9

December, 2017

Minor revision of Issue 8 to bring the document up to date and to provide an editorial refresh.
This issue includes the following principal technical changes.
Clause 3: Terms and definitions added.  Definitions of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride included.
Table E.3(c): Entries updated to match values in BS 7670-8.4, Table 2.
Details of all other technical, general and editorial amendments are included in the associated Document Amendment Summary for this Issue (available on request from the Operations Directorate of ENA).

ENATS 09-6 Issue 8

February, 2012

Minor revision of Issue 7.
Clause 5.4.3 Impedance: Criteria for acceptance of test results added.
Annex D.2: Paragraph added relating to prevention of water ingress in Polyethylene Insulated Multipair Cables.

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