Extra Flex 10-42 Extra Flex S/H/R/F Extra Flex Flat/Armour


Extra Flex R1 R2 R3 R4 R1-R2 PVC PVC R3-R4 PP-PUR


All pairs individually shielded, Overall EMC shield for types R2-R4, Dynamic applications for types R3-R4.


Service Voltage :


Test Voltage :


Insulation Resistance :

100 Mohm x km (at 20oC) for types R1-R2 3000 Mohm x km (at 20oC) for types R3-R4

Capacitance :

abt. 150 pF/m (20oC) for types R1-R2 abt. 100 pF/m (20oC) for types R3-R4

Temperature :

service from -10oC to +80oC, storage from -40oC to + 80oC

Conductor Stranding :

extra-flexible class 6 acc. Standards VDE 0295 - IEC 228 - CEI 20-29

Primary Insulation :

Special PVC compound for types R1-R1 PP polypropylene for types R3-R4

Conductors Identification :

colours according pairs colour code indicated in the following page.

EMC Shield (for R2-R4) :

tinned copper braid on total covering >/= 85%

Shields on all pairs :

tinned copper braid covering >/= 85%

Taping :

special tape

Jacket :

special PVC compound for types R1-R1 special PUR compound for types R3-R4 colour black RAL 9005

Min. Bending Radius :

15 x external cable diam. for types R1-R2 10 x external cable diam. for types R3-R4

Translation Speed :

60m/min. for types R1-R2, 180m/min for types R3-R4

Max. Acceleration :

2m/s2 for types R1-R2, 7m/s2 for types R3-R4

Reference Standards :

VDE 0472-804 C - IEC 332.3A - CEI 20-22 II for flame resistance for types R1-R2 VDE 0472-804 C - IEC 332.1-

CEI 20-35 for flame resistance for types R3-R4 VDE 0472-803-B for ASTM2 oil resistance CNOMO E.03.40.150N -

NFT 46-013 for resistance to industrial oils UL-CSA upon request for types R1-R2