Mining Cable
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Mining Cable

NTSWOEU 0.6/1kV E-Loader Cable


These cables are used for the connection of mobile machines under extremelyhigh mechanical loads,

predominantly in miningsituations,also can beoperated via guide pulleys (cable cars) or used as areeling cable

(LHD), suitable for extreme bending loads, high tensile stress,and impact and crushing loads.


VDE 0250 Part 813


NTSWOEU 0.6/1kV E-Loader Cable


Flexible stranded tinned copper conductor, class 6 according to DIN VDE 0295.

Insulation: EPR.

Pilot Cores (optional):

Special conductor,tinnedcopper braid and galvanised steel wire braid.


Rubber type GM1b.

Armour/Earth Conductor:

Concentric earth conductor as tensile-stress-resistant braided armour of combined copper-steel wires.

Outer Sheath:

Chlorinated rubbe type 5GM5, abrasion and tear resistant, oil resistant and flame retardant.

Dimensions and Weight

Number of Cores×Nominal Cross Section Insulation Thickness Thickness of Inner Sheath Thickness of Outer Sheath Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No.×mm² mm mm mm mm kg/km
3x50/25KON + 3xST 2.0 3.0 5.0 56 4950