Mining Cable
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Mining Cable

NSSHCGEOEU 0.6/1kV Coal Cutter Cable (Low Tensile Stress)


These cables are used for the connection of mobile machines under extremelyhigh mechanical loads,

predominantly in miningsituations,e.g. for coal-cutting machines, suitable for extreme bending loads under low



DIN VDE 0250 Part 812


NSSHCGEOEU 0.6/1kV Coal Cutter Cable (Low Tensile Stress)

Conductors: Flexible stranded tinned copper conductor.

Insulation: Heatresistant3GI3 rubber based on EPR.

Outer Conductor Layer: Easy strippable outer conductive layer.

Pilot Cores:Copper strand and steelbraid conductor capable ofexpansion and compression with EPRrubber


Monitoring Cores: Spiral of tinned copper wires above the pilot cores, covered with a semi-conductive tape.

InnerSheath: Rubber type GM1b.

Armour/Earth Conductor:Concentric earth conductor as spiral of copper and steel wires,fibreglas tape,

embedded in the outer sheath whichprevents sheath exchanging.

Outer Sheath: Rubber type 5GM5, abrasion and tear resistant, oil resistant and flame retardant.

Dimensions and Weight

Number of Cores×Nominal Cross Section Minimium Overall Diameter Maximum Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No.×mm² mm mm kg/km
3×16/16KON+2ST+UEL 35.0 38.0 2130
3×25/16KON+2ST+UEL 38.0 41.0 2790
3×35/16KON+2ST+UEL 41.0 45.0 3390
3×50/25KON+2ST+UEL 47.0 51.0 4340
3×70/35KON+2ST+UEL 52.0 56.0 5680
3×95/50KON+2ST+UEL 58.0 62.0 7180
3×25/16KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 38.0 41.0 2920
3×35/16KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 41.0 45.0 3630
3×50/25KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 45.0 48.0 4500
3×70/35KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 48.0 53.0 5850
3×95/50KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 52.0 56.0 7400
3×120/70KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 58.0 63.0 8300
3×150/70KON+3×(1.5ST+UEL) 62.0 68.0 9300