Mining Cable
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Mining Cable

NSHTOEU 0.6/1kV LHD Cables


These cables are used for frequently changing dynamic loads, such as reeling cables for scoops (LHDs) in

underground mines, suitable for mono-spiral reels and cylindrical reels.


VDE 0250 Part 814


NSHTOEU 0.6/1kV LHD Cables


Flexible stranded tinned copper conductor.


EPR type 3GI3.

Optional Support Element:

Central support element.

Inner Sheath:

PCP type 5GM5.

Anti-torsion Braid:

Reinforced braid of polyester threads in a vulcanized bond between inner and outer sheath.

Outer Sheath:

PCP type 5GM5.

Dimensions and Weight

Number of Cores×Nominal Cross Section Minimum Overall Diameter Maximum Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No.×mm² mm mm kg/km
4x16(6 kN) 27.5 31.5 1500
4x35(12 kN) 37.5 42.0 2920
4x50(12 kN) 43.0 48.0 3970
4x50(30 kN) 42.0 44.0 3660
4x70 (20kN) 47.0 52.0 5530
4x95 (50kN) 53.0 58.0 6500