Mining Cable
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Mining Cable

2YSLGCGOEU Signal & Control Cable


These control, signalling and bus cables are used for electric and electronic equipment,such as for measured

value and process data processing andautomation units in open-cast mining applications,suitable forlaying

alongside conveyor belts and on material handling equipment.


VDE 0250 Part 812


2YSLGCGOEU Signal & Control Cable

Conductors: Flexible strandedcopper conductor, class 5 according to DIN VDE 0295.

Insulation: PE type 2YI1.

Cable Element: Cores are laid-up in pairs in layers with a continuous serving of non-hygroscopicmaterial over

the conductor assembly


CM type EM2.

Screen: Tinned copper wire braid.

Outer Sheath: CM type EM2.

Dimensions and Weight

Number of Cores×Nominal Cross Section Minimium Overall Diameter Maximum Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
No.×mm² mm mm kg/km
2×2×1 11.0 13.0 245
5×2×1 16.0 19.0 440
10×2×1 20.0 23.0 700
20×2×1 25.0 29.0 1040