Mining Cable
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Mining Cable

Type 210 1.1/1.1KV


These cables are mainly used for hand-held boring machines and drills.


Type 210 1.1/1.1KV

AS/NZS 1802:2003

AS/NZS 1125

AS/NZS 3808

AS/NZS 5000.1


3×Conductors: Flexible stranded tinned annealed copper conductor.

Conductor Screen:Polyester barrier tape.

Insulation: EPR.

Insulation Screen:Semiconductive tape.

Composite Screen (earth conductor):Tinned annealed copper braiding interwove with polyester yarn.

Cradle Separator: Semiconductive PCP.

1×Central Extensible Pilot:EPR covered flexible stranded tinned copper conductor.

Sheath: Heavy duty PCP sheath.

Dimensions and Weight

Nominal Conductor Area Strand Size Insulation Thickness Core screen Pilot Conductor Thickness of Sheath Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
Strand Size Area of Screen Strand Size Thickness of Covering
mm² No/mm mm No/mm mm² No/mm mm mm mm kg/100m
Type 210
1.5 30/0.25 1.4 7/0.25 5.2 24/0.20 0.8 3.0 23.7 83
2.5 50/0.25 1.5 7/0.25 5.8 24/0.20 0.8 3.0 25.1 92