Military Cable
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Military Cable



MIL-W-81044 wire may be used for airframe, avionics, military vehicle, shipboard, missile and other electronic

applications, Additionally, the dual layer, lightweight, high temperature wire offers outstanding performance that

makes it suitable for many functions where high density cabling and harnessing are required, these wires have

excellent resistance to cut-through, abrasion, cold flow, shrink back, notch propagation and common chemicals.

Construction Details

The jacket is XL-PVDF


Military Cable

Conductor: Stranded silver-plated high strength copper alloy conductor

Insulation:Irradiation cross-linked extruded Polyalkene insulation

jacket :Extruded XL Polyvinylidene Fluoride (XL-PVDF)

Insulating Material Thickness:0.3 mm


Temperature Rating: 150°C

Voltage Rating: 600 volts


SAE AS81044

10 basic colors

Dimensions and Weight

AWG Size Conductor Stranding Min O.D. Max O.D. Approx LBS/MFT
In Mm In mm
26 19/38 0.046 1.168 0.050 1.270 1.9
24 19/36 0.052 1.321 0.056 1.422 2.7
22 19/34 0.059 1.499 0.065 1.651 3.9
20 19/32 0.067 1.702 0.073 1.854 5.5