IEC60092 Offshore & Marine Cables
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Marine Cable

P16 IFLI 250 V

Applications :

Standards :

  IEC60092 Offshore & Marine Cables IEC60092 Offshore & Marine Cables


Construction :

Conductors : Circular stranded copper wire to IEC 60228 class 2.

Insulation : XLPE.

Bedding : Halogen free thermoplastic compound.

Metal Screen : Longitudinal aluminium tape, thickness 0.2 mm in contact with a stranded copper earth


Outer Sheath : Halogen free thermoplastic compound, SHF1, coloured grey.

Electrical Characteristics :

Mechanical and Thermal Properties :

Bending Radius : 8×OD (during installation); 6×OD (fixed installed).

Temperature Range : -20℃ ~ +90℃.

Dimensions and Weight :

Construction No. of elements×No. of cores in element×Cross section
Nominal Insulation Thickness
Nominal Sheath Thickness
Nominal Overall Diameter
Nominal Weight
Inner Outer
2×1×2.5 0.7 1.1 1.2 10.0 180