IEC60092 Offshore & Marine Cables
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Armoured PROFIBUS 1 Pair 22 AWG


Marine profibus cables are dedicated for fixed installation on board of ship, used as connection cables for digital

signals up to 12MBd.


IEC 60332-1&2
IEC 60754-1/2
IEC 61034
IEC 60092


IEC60092 Offshore & Marine Cables

Conductors: Stranded bare copper 22 AWG.

Insulation: Foam skin PE.

Easy Strip: Thermoplastic copolymer (FRNC).

Overall Screen1: Aluminium/polyester tape.

Overall Screen2: Tinned copper braid.

Inner Sheath: SHF2.

Armour: Galvanised Steel Wire Braid.

Outer Sheath: SHF2.

Core Identification

Core 1: Red

Core 2: Green

Electrical Properties

Characteristic Impedance Ω 150 ± 15
Mutual Capacitance @1KHz nF/km 28.5
Insulation Resistance MΩ.km 16000
Attenuation @9.6kHz dB/km 2.5
Attenuation @38.4kHz dB/km 4
Attenuation @4kHz dB/km 22
Attenuation @16kHz dB/km 42

Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Bending Radius for Fixed Installations: 10×OD

Temperature Range: -30℃ ~ +75℃

Dimensions and Weight

Part No. Construction
No. of elements×No. of cores in element×Cross section
Core Diameter mm Nominal Overall
Diameter mm
Nominal Weight kg/km
MLN- 02YSH(ST)CHSWBH-1×2×22A 1×2×22 AWG 2.55 10.65 180