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Norwegian Offshore cables to NEK 606


RFOU Instrumentation NEK606

Designed for use in petrochem and offshore instrumentation applications RFOU is available in collectively or individually screened options for optimum EMI suppression.


Tinned stranded copper conductor, EPR insulation, overall screen of copper backed polyester tape with a stranded copper drain wire 0.75mm², inner sheath of Halogen Free thermoplastic elastomer, tinned copper wire braid and an outer sheath of Halogen Free thermoset elastomer. The individually screened version has a copper backed polyester tape with a stranded copper drain wire 0.75mm² around each pair or triple.


IEC60092-353: electrical installation in ships, power cables, NEK606: cables for offshore installation halogen-free or mud-resistant, IEC60092.375 shipboard telecommunications cable, IEC60331: fire resistant, IEC60332: flame retardant, IEC61031-1.2: smoke denisty, IEC60754-1, halogen free properties, & IEC60228: electical conductor

Colour Codes

Pairs : Light blue, black
Triples : Light blue, black and brown
Each pair or triple is identified by a numbered tape.

Electrical Characteristics

  0.75mm² 1.5mm²
Conductor Resistance < 24.8Ω/Km < 12.2Ω/Km
Capacitance @ 800Hz  
  Collectively Screened 80nF/Km 90nF/Km
  Individually Screened 90nF/Km 110nF/Km


Technical Information

Voltage 250V
Operating temperature Maximum 85°C, minimium bending -40°C
Bending Radius Static 6 x cable diameter
Oxygen Index Of Sheath > 31%