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British Standard Fire resistant Shipwiring cables to BS 7917

Armoured 1kV Power


Armoured 1kV Power

Used extensively for power and control applications on ships and oil/gas platforms where mechanical protection

and fire resistance to IEC60331 is required.

These cables are also used for onshore applications where their combination of special properties make them

ideal for essential services.

Technical Information

Voltage rating:0.6/1kV

Conductors:BS6360 class 2 or class 5 (Class 5 is generally manufactured to order)

Temperature rating:+90°C maximum conductor temperature

Static temperature rating:-30°C to +90°C

Bending radius (static):≤ 25mm² 4 x cable O/D
                                      >  25mm² 6 x cable O/D

Flame retardant:IEC60332 part 3A, BS4066 part 3A

Fire resistant :IEC60331 (3 hours @ +750°C)