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Sri Lanka Hambantota Port Project

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The Hambantota International Port (also known as the Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port or the Magam

Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port) is a deep water port in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. It was opened on 18

November 2010, and is Sri Lanka's second largest port, after the Port of Colombo. In 2020, the port handled 1.8

million tonnes of LPG and dry bulk cargo.


Construction of the port commenced in January 2008. In 2016, reported an operating profit of US$1.81 million

but was considered economically unviable. As debt repayment got difficult, the newly-elected government

decided to privatise an 80% stake of the port to raise foreign exchange in order to repay maturing sovereign

bonds unrelated to the port. Of the two bidding companies, China Merchants Port was chosen, which was to pay

US$1.12 billion to Sri Lanka and spend additional amounts to develop the port into full operation.


In July 2017, the agreement was signed, but CMPort was allowed a 70% stake. Simultaneously a 99-year lease

on the port was granted to CMPort.


In 2016, Caledonian had sold Flame retartant and fire resistant power and instrumentation cables for this