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Flame Retardant Twisted Pair Cable Comply to:IEC60332-3


These cables are specially designed for requirements concerning the smoke density and acidic gas emitted in

case of fire. FIRETOX Cables are made with well chosen materials that not only can fulfill the conventional

requirements of Low Smoke Halogen Free, but also can reduce flame propagation in those instance where fire

may develop.


Conductor:Stranded annealed copper/tinned copper wires to BS 6360, class 2

Insulation:  Low smoke,zero halogen (LSZH) insulated

Nominal thickness: 0.4-0.5 mm

Twisting:Two colored insulated conductors are uniformly twisted together to form a pair.

Screen:Overall Aluminium/Polyester tape applied with the metallic side down in electrical contact with a 0.5 mm2

tinned copper drain wire(7*0.31mm formation).

A 23 micron polyester tape is applied over the screening tape with a minimum 50% overlap.

Sheathing: Flame retardant LSZH with anti-termite and anti-rodent additive

Nominal thickness: 0.7mm

Overall diameter: 1×2×1.0 mm2: 6.3+/-0.2mm,   2×2×0.35mm2: 6.86+/-0.2mm,

Packing:The cables are delivered on non-returnable wooden drums.

Standard: IEC 60332-3

Physical characteristics:  

Temperature rating:-40 to +90℃ Minimum bending radius

-for fixed wiring: 20mm

Flame retardant:IEC60332-3

Water resistant:IEC60529

Fire Retardancy Characteristics (For LSZH sheath):      

Flame Propagation: IEC 332-1

Corrosive and Acid Gas Emission Test:  Hydrochloric acid yield less than 0.5% in accordance with IEC 60754-1&2

Smoke Density: Percentage of light transmitted is greater than 60% when tested in accordance with IEC 61034-1&2
Flammability:Temperature Index is around 250-280 deg when tested according to ISO 4589 or BS 2782 Part 1 Method 143A & 143

Electrical characteristics:

Rated voltage :    300/500V

Max conductor resistance at 20℃ :

- for 1×2×1.0mm2:     ≤18.2 Ohm/Km

- for 2×2×22AWG:    ≤48.4 Ohm/Km Min insulation resistance :  ≥100 M ohm/Km

Test voltage: 1000V