Composite Cables

 Composite Cables

1x RG59 + 4x2.5 Power Cable + 2x1x2x22AWG Data Pairs SWB LSZH Sheathed Composite Cable


1x RG59 + 4x2.5 Power Cable + 2x1x2x22AWG Data Pairs SWB LSZH Sheathed Composite Cable


1x75Ohm RG59 Coaxial Cable( in the center of the cable core)

Conductor:0.58 Solid copperweld (CCS).

Insulation:Polyethylene. Thickness 1.56mm

Shield:Braid of bare copper wire. Coverage ≥ 92%

Sheath:LSZH sheath, nominal outer diameter 6.2mm

Sheath Color:Black

2x1x2x24/7 AWG Shielded Twisted Pair ( around coaxial cable)

Conductor:7/0.2mm Stranded tinned copper

Insulation:PVC material. Thickness 0.47mm

Insulation Color:Black and white

Shield:Aluminium polyester tape

Drain Wire:24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire

Sheath:LSZH sheath. Nominal outer diameter 4.8mm. Thickness 0.76mm

Sheath Color:Black and Grey

3x3mm² Power Cable ( around coaxial cable)

Conductor:12AWG (3mm² Stranded tinned copper wire

Insulation:XLPE. Thickness 0.85mm. Outer diameter 3.65mm

Insultion Color:Blue, Brown and Green/Yellow

Element Assembly

Filler:PP material (around coaxial cable)

Wrapping Tape:Polyester tape

Inner Sheath:Black LSZH, thickness 0.8mm

Armor:Steel wire braid,coverage 95%

Outer Sheath:LSZH, thickness 1.5mm, norminal outer diameter 22.0mm

Sheath Color:Black

Electrical and Physical Properties @20°C:

Coaxial Cable

Impedance: 75±3Ohm (@1MHz)

Max. Attenuation: 7.5dB/100m @50MHz

Power Cable

Electrical Resistance: 6.6Ohm/km

Insulation Resistance: ≥5500 MOhmxkm Data Pairs

Electrical Resistance: 90Ohm/km

Insulation Resistance: ≥1000 MOhmxkm

Element Assembly

Min Bending Radius: 420mm

Operating Temperature: -35°C/+80°C

Fire Performance:

Flame Propagation: IEC60332-1

Low Smoke Capacity:IEC61034-1/2

Halogen Free:IEC60754-1/2

Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.