Composite Cables

 Composite Cables

Cat3e+3x16AWG Power Cable LSZH Sheathed Unarmored Composite Cable


Cat3e+3x16AWG Power Cable LSZH Sheathed Unarmored Composite Cable


CAT3E 2x2x24AWG

Conductor:1/1.5mm Solid copper conductor

Insulation:Polyethylene, nominal thickness 0.2mm

Color:1st Pair: Blue White / Blue Stripe 2nd Pair: Orange White / Orange Stripe

Overall screen:100% Al/polyester foil screen with 0.5mmsq tinned copper drain wire. A 23 micron polyester tape is applied over the screening tape with a minimum 25% overlap, Nominal outer diameter 3.15mm

3x16AWG Power Cable

Conductor:7/0.49mm stranded tinned copper wire

Insulation:XLPE. Nominal thickness 0.6mm, overall diameter 2.7mm

Insulation Color:Blue, Brown and Grey, or as per client's requirement

Element Assembly

Wrapping Tape:Polyester tape or woven tape with PE or PP material filler(optional)

Outer Sheath:LSZH, thickness 1.2mm, nominal outer diameter 10.6±2.0mm

Sheath Color:Black

Electrical and Physical Properties @20°C:

Power Cable

Temperature rating: -20 to +90 ℃

Minimum bending radius: 6 x Overall diameter

Nom. conductor resistance at 20 ℃:

Power core: ≤14.7Ohm/Km

Data core: ≤89.3 Ohm/Km

Rated voltage: 300V

Test voltage: 1000V

Fire Performance:

Flame retardant: IEC60332 -1

Note: Other configurations, sizes, colors and length not specified herein are available upon request.