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Product Name/Code :FIRE ALARM 6C 18AWG Electrical Performance
Application :
Wiring of fire alarms, fire protective circuits, burglar alarms, smoke alarms, and voice communications. Operating Temperature(℃) 75
Construction Voltage Rating(V) 300/500
6 Core Solid Bare Copper
AWG 18
Cons. Diameter (mm) 1.02
Insulation PVC
Thickness (mm) 0.38
Insulation Diameter(mm) 1.78
Insulation Color According to customer
Nylon rip cord 150D
Drain Wire Solid bare copper
Construction 22AWG
Shield (Y/N) Overall Al/Polyester foil shield
Coverage > 25%
Sheathing PVC/PE/LSF
Thickness(mm) 0.76
Cable Dia.(mm) 6.90
Fire Performance
Fire Performance
Flame Propagation Test to IEC 60332 Part 1 and Part 3
Determination of the amount Halogen Acid Gas to IEC 60754 Part 1
Smoke Density Test to IEC 61034
Oxygen Index Test to BS 2863 or ISO 4589-2
Temperatre Index Test to BS 2782 or ISO 4589-3
Fire Resistant Test to IEC 60331-24