Bus Cables

Bus Cables

E.I.B Cable(European Installation Bus)

Bus Cables


EIB installation consists of sensors and actuators. The E.I.B. concept allows intergration of Building Management Systems (B.M.S.) over one common system. Lighting, blinds, heating and ventilation can be automatically controlled through the E.I.B cable. This dramatically reduces the cabling required in a modern building. To meet European standards this cable is LSHF throughout. They can be installed over, in, or below the plaster, in pipes and pipe ducts, in dry, moist, and wet areas, as well as outside, provided they are protected against direct exposure to the sun.


Type/Cable Construction 1 Quad 2 Pair
Inner Conductor Plain copper conductors 0.8mm Plain copper conductors 0.8mm
Conductor Insulation Polyethylene Polyethylene
Conductor Colors White,yellow,red,black White,yellow,red,black
Stranding Element Cores twisted into a quad Cores twisted into pairs, pairs laid up
Core Wrapping - -
Shielding Aluminium/polyester foil screen Aluminium/polyester foil screen
drain wire Solid copper Stranded tinned copper
Outer Jacket Low Smoke Halogen Free Low Smoke Halogen Free
Sheath Colour Green Green

Electrical Data:

Test Voltage 4KV
Working Voltage Max.150V
Conductor resistance 37.0 Ohm/km @ 20°C
Insulation resistance 1000MΩhms*km @ 20°C
Mutual capacitance@800Hz 100nF/km max
Unbalanced capacitance 300pF/100m max

Technical Data:

Weight: approximately 62.0 kg/km approximately 57.0 kg/km
Min. Bending Radius (Laying): 10 x OD mm 10 x OD mm
Operating temperature, min -20°C(fixed) -5°C (installation)
Operating temperature, max +70°C(fixed) +50°C(installation)