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Bus Cables


Bus Cables


CAN Bus are field bus cables that comform to international CAN standard ISO-11898, CAN Bus (Control Area Network) is a non addressable system which treats all devices as equal allowing fast transmission of data. Due to its robust nature it has been widely adopted in the automotive industry. Several versions of CAN Bus cables have been developed to meet the fast changing needs of the automation industry. The PVC jacket version is designed for stationary applications,while the Halogen free PUR version is for highly flexing application


Type/Area of Application Fixed Installation, Indoor Fixed Installation, Indoor
Cable Construction 1x2x0.22 mm2 (stranded) 4x1x0.22 mm2 (stranded)
1x2x0.34 mm2 (stranded) 4x1x0.34 mm2 (stranded)
1x2x0.50 mm2 (stranded) 4x1x0.50 mm2 (stranded)
Inner Conductor Copper, bare (AWG 24/7) Copper, bare (AWG 24/7)
Copper, bare (AWG 22/7) Copper, bare (AWG 22/7)
Copper, bare (AWG 20/7) Copper, bare (AWG 20/7)
Conductor Insulation CellularPE Cellular PE
Conductor Colors white, brown white, brown, green-yellow
Stranding Element Double conductor Star quad
Shielding 1 Polyester foil over stranded bundle Polyester foil over stranded bundle
Shielding 2 - -
Total Shielding Copper braid, tinned Copper braid, tinned
Outer Jacket Material PVC(static) / PUR(flexing) PVC(static) / PUR(flexing)
Outer Diameter 5.4 mm ± 0.2 mm 6.9 mm ± 0.2 mm
6.5 mm ± 0.2 mm 8.0 mm ± 0.2 mm
7.0 mm ± 0.2 mm 8.5 mm ± 0.2 mm
Outer Jacket Color Violet Violet

Electrical Data:

Characteristic Impedance@1MHz 120 Ω ± 10 Ω 120  Ω ± 10 Ω
Conductor Resistance 186.0 Ohm/km max. 186.0 Ohm/km max.
Insulation Resistance 1.00 GOhm x km min. 1.00 GOhm x km min.
Mutual Capacitance@800Hz 40.0 nF/km nom. 40.0 nF/km nom.
Working Voltage 250V 250V
Test Voltage 1.5 kV 1.5 kV
Attenuation 1 MHz 1.3 dB/100m
5 MHz 3.1 dB/100m
10 MHz 4.3 dB/100m
20 MHz 6.4 dB/100m

Technical Data:

Weight: approximately 35.0 kg/km approximately 60.0 kg/km
approximately 54.0 kg/km approximately 77.0 kg/km
approximately 69.0 kg/km approximately 100.0 kg/km
Min. Bending Radius (Laying): 15 x OD mm 15 x OD mm
Operating Temp.Range, min.: - 40 °C - 40 °C
Operating Temp.Range, max.: +70 °C +70 °C