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Angola Sambianaga Infrastructure Construction Project

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In 2015, our company participated in the Angola Sambizanga infrastructure construction project contracted by

Gezhouba Group, providing bare copper wires and armored medium and low voltage power cables for it. In

2017, the project had  been proceeding in an orderly manner. Our 60kV High voltage cable with the conductor of

1200mm² had signed a contract and completed production. It arrived in Angola in mid-August 2017 for

installation. This was the first application of high-voltage cables above 1200mm² in the entire Angola. The direct-

buried laying method of urban roads will play an important role in the power grid system of the region, which

fully reflects the trust of the owners, supervisors and Gezhouba Group in Caledonian cables.


Caledonian has rich experience and obvious professional advantages in overseas projects. We can provide

customers with professional catalogues, submit materials, product samples, third-party inspection reports, etc.

for the project, and can cooperate with customers to gain trust by face-to-face with overseas supervisors and

owners communication and product presentation.